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ICO. What was that? It’s time to delve into the situation. Part 1 and 2

Nicholas Prodius,
Germany – Czech Republic – Cyprus
June, 2019

ICO (Initial Coin Offering, that is, the «initial placement of coins to attract funding»)

ICO enabled startups to attract funds by selling investors their own cryptocurrency, or tokens. ICOs became popular due to the fact that they allowed to avoid rigid regulation and payment of high fees, in contrast to the traditional initial public offering (IPO). This was a key factor in the boom and attracted a huge number of organizers of fraudulent schemes around the world to this area. Cases where the organizers of the initiative appropriated the money collected, and then disappeared with them in an unknown direction, became widespread. The amounts that they managed to attract, despite the constant warnings about the dangers of the ICO from supervisory authorities, analysts, experts, are tens and hundreds of millions of dollars.

To the benefit of the scammers, played the fact that regulators in many countries were clumsy. Law enforcement agencies didn’t have any law enforcement practice regarding the new phenomenon, explanations of financial supervisory bodies were vague and in many ways were ambiguous.

For example, the case of Zaslavsky, which was the first ever ICO fraud case initiated by the SEC in early October 2017, the assets of Zaslavsky were frozen and a criminal case of fraud was filed at the request of the American prosecutor’s office. Such cases in the United States are considered by jury, but most often the defendants make a deal with justice, which allows them to reduce the possible penalty and term of imprisonment. The maximum penalty in the United States is a fine of $ 5 million and 20 years in prison.

Following the case of the Zaslavsky SEC, the proceedings were initiated following the ICO results of PlexCorps. The Commission found that the company and its two executives had deceived investors, and filed a lawsuit against the organizers of the ICO, asking the court to suspend the sale of tokens (and the court in December 2017 granted the petition). PlexCorps, in its presentations, promised that an investment in its tokens would bring investors a 1354% return in less than 29 days.

It is worth noting that the legal system and legislative framework of developed countries have allowed to identify and bring to justice the organizers and accomplices of fraudulent schemes, since these schemes represented the sale of unregistered securities. At one time, the SEC even started a separate website to inform investors about the Scam (fraudulent ICO) and the current regulation of this tool to attract money.

Today, ICO is associated by many with a scam: a financial pyramid or any similar fraudulent scheme used to enrich only the unclean initiatives. Everything valuable that was gained by honest creators of this market, including the prospects for changing the formation in the monetary sphere during the transition to the digital economy, were compromised. Statistics published by experts and independent analytical organizations on ICO look quite depressing.

The released Diar report has shown that fraudulent ICO projects — exit scams — have costed the investors large sums of money. A major project of this kind, allegedly organized by the Chinese company Puyin Blockchain Group in Shenzhen, collected $ 60 million during the three ICOs, after which attracted the attention of the supervisory authority, the State Market Regulation Authority (SMRA).

In another episode, the organizers of Block Broker, ICO, allegedly launched to finance a platform that “completely eradicates ICO fraud”, ransacked the investors up to $ 3 million. In their report, Diar researchers explain the rapid growth in the number of fraudulent projects by selling money tokens, claiming that she tempts people with the possibility of easy money.

We should immediately separate flies from cutlets, that is, the technology of distributed registries — the blockchain, from the foam, which was formed in the maelstrom of development of this very promising and sought-after technology in many industries.

Creative diversity with a criminal slant

Bloomberg expert Aaron Brown noted that 80% of startups that he followed were fraudulent. Analytical company Satis Group in 2018 published information that 80% of ICO with a capitalization above $ 50 million are fraudulent. It is natural that the major players in this market attracted the attention of experts, analysts, control and law enforcement agencies, but the phenomena of fraud and the illegal activities of many ICO initiators were much larger, since small and difficult to control initiatives overwhelmed even the most remote corners of our planet.

The old-timers of the Bitcointalk forum are well aware of how, back in 2016, the obscure project deCLOUDs broke into the life of the members of the forum with promises of huge profits. At that time, the project managed to collect more than 300 BTC, after which its “developer” disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. For deCLOUDs, followers and other skirmishers — EBitz, ZCrypt, and Opair … The Hypov 2017 year has attracted many inexperienced players who have not yet learned the bitter experience on cryptotics. Despite the growing number of cryptocurrency scammers, they always had enough publics.

Modern Tech, a company registered in Vietnam, launched two tokens to the market at once (PinCoin and iFan), which together made more than 30 thousand investors easier for $ 660 million.

Further, CentraTech, managed to raise investments in the amount of $ 32 million. However, immediately after the sell of the tokens,SEC had accused the founders of the platform in fraud, and now they are serving prison sentences.

Plexcoin, a Canadian exit-scam that is also notable for the fact that its activity was suspended by the SEC and one of the organizers was charged with criminal punishment. Unfortunately, before that, the project has scammed the naive investors for $ 15 million.

The project “Prodeum” was a brilliant exit-scam. Having collected up to $ 6 million for some “estimates”, the developer immediately removed all of his virtual traces, and left only the white main page with a meaningful message “Penis” on the site.

Journalists of the Wall Street Journal “tested” their own ICO market research in 2018, and concluded that the number of fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns is much higher than the figures previously mentioned in the press. According to researchers, cryptocurrency holders have lost more than $ 1 billion.

The ICO, initiated in the Czech Republic, under the name “RegerDiamond” by Invest Diamond sr.o., which also attracted our close attention, is also ingenious with a criminal tint.

The diversity and number of such initiatives that are common on the global Internet, when a cryptocurrency fraudster is intended to convince unwitting investors to buy his fake coins for cryptocurrency or fiat money, simply went off scale, especially in 2017-2018. Entrepreneurial fraudsters operated on innovations in financial technologies that are allegedly not regulated by law. It must be admitted that law enforcement agencies and any bodies fighting crimes in the financial and economic sphere were not ready for such large-scale processes. And, perhaps, only now the consequences are coming and the tangle of ingenious schemes for withdrawing money from a gullible population begins to unravel. These processes are not transient, imperceptible, as non-public, require a lot of time and effort to establish the law enforcement bodies of the organizers and the participants, the victims, the amount of damage. Such investigations are also hampered by the fact that the lion’s share of victims regards the loss of their money as a market failure, and not as a criminal scheme implying the criminal responsibility of the initiators and accomplices. As it now turns out, dozens and hundreds of organizers of fraudulent schemes can generally get away from the consequences and responsibility for their deliberate illegal activities only because in reality there are no elementary statements to the police or the prosecutor’s office on them and on the facts.

As the Diar notes, the amount of funds lost due to fraudulent ICOs is particularly depressing, considering how easy it is to recognize such projects, with a little bit of vigilance. So, many scammers used someone else’s white paper and fake profile images. For example, one project, promoting a non-existent product, used a photo of a popular Canadian film actor Ryan Gosling in the “About the team” section, and another — an image of American actress Jennifer Aniston, accompanying him with words attributed to her.

The ICO, initiated in the Czech Republic, under the name “Reger Diamond” by Invest Diamond sr.o., which also attracted our close attention, also differs with criminal tinges.

The toxicity of “russian made” business

Let’s look at the state register of companies of the Czech Republic. We see that Invest Diamond s.r.o registered on January 9, 2018 has the address Tvrdého 643, Letňany, 199 00 Praha, that the sole director of the company is Mr. Vdadislav Reger, who lives in Germany, and the founders of the company is also Mr. Reger, Alexey Lebedev, who lives in Moscow, and Maxim Goncharenko, also living in Moscow.

The editors have screenshots from the Invest Diamond sr.r.o website that existed at that time., offering the placement of RegerDiamond-tokens with millions of presale. There was indicated another address of this ICO organizer: Oderska 335/5, 19600, Impera Park, Prague, Czech Republic. It was not difficult for us to find another Hi-Tech company Inovace s.r.o registered since 2010 at this address, as well as its owner.  We went to the owner, a citizen of Germany, with a number of questions, and this is what we found out in essence:


“Mr. Vladislav Reger has really worked in recent years as the sole director at my company Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o. in Prague. The company profile was the processing of natural diamonds by the method of high pressure and high temperatures and the synthesis of ultra-hard materials. I have been dealing with this topic since the beginning of the 2000s and created an enterprise equipped with the corresponding expensive equipment. The parent investment company Goodhill Investments Ltd. (Cyprus) has leased the this equipment to Czech company Hi-Tech Inovace sr.r.o. since 2010, which was engaged in production activities. (Ed. Note:  The editors have all the supporting documents).

I am familiar with first-hand about the technologies of raider seizures and methods of spinning business in Russia. But that these methods are exported to the legal states of Western Europe, brazenly and cynically applied here — this was a surprise to me!

 At the end of 2017, I had suspicions about the uncontrolled waste of company funds and certain transactions committed by director V. Reger, and I requested reporting and internal audit from a company accountant. Thus, internal verification revealed major transactions for the manufacture of jewelry on the order of the Lebanese company “Kard Trade S.A.L.”, related to Maxim Goncharenko. Later, as it turned out, expensive collectible jewelry «disappeared», and in these transactions V. Reger did not provide proper reporting to me or to the company’s accounting department, despite our demands. To take control of the situation and get access to the company’s accounts and documentation, I, as the owner of Hi-Tech Inovace, notarized myself as the second director in January 2018. What is the corresponding entry in the state register. At the same time, I gave Reger a three-month deadline for putting in order and providing all the documentation and reporting, as I could not believe in the unscrupulousness of this person. He had worked with me for many years, I have helped thim and his familty hrough out all the years with their emigration from Kazakhstan to Germany. This caused a conflict with him, and he began to blackmail me, demanding that I give half of the plant’s equipment, citing the fact that he had worked for me for many years and “deserved” it.

At the same time, I learn that Reger opened a company in the Czech Republic with a similar profile of Invest Diamond s.r.o, where, along with him, co-founders Maxim Goncharenko and Alexey Lebedev have acted. Moreover, before this I knew Maxim Goncharenko from a joint company in Germany, MTM Center GmbH, from which I left because of the opaque, in my opinion, financial transactions of this gentleman and asset manipulations, leaving a statement to an accountant and financial advisor for Germany. According to my information, Maxim Goncharenko is the son of a former high-ranking officer of the GRU, Admiral Ivan Goncharenko, who now works as the executive director of the state-owned Russian company “ROSOBORONEXPORT”. Why Maxim stuck in this unscrupulous story with Reger, I do not know.

I knew Alexey Lebedev as a lawyer from Russia since his participation in the organization of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the International Committee for Protection of Property in the Republic of Cyprus. This organization refused its services due to distrust.

These people turned out to be the founders of the company Invest Diamond sr.r.o, which commneced a raider seizure of my equipment in the production workshop, the assets of Hi-Tech Inovace sr.r.o., and even the corresponding sites and service emails of my firms, our partners and structures. I am familiar with first-hand about the technologies of raider seizures and methods of spinning business in Russia. But that these methods are exported to the legal states of Western Europe, brazenly and cynically applied here — this was a surprise to me!

For me, it is obvious that, by the way, it was confirmed by an external independent audit of my company, that Mr. V, who was dismissed by me notarially from the Director’s position, took a number of actions aimed at destroying my business and my company Hi-Tech Inovace sr.r.o., which has been functioning in Prague since 2010, that is, almost 10 years!

How it’s done

For now, it is assumed that Hi-Tech Inovace in the Czech Republic was illegally used through the sole director, Mr. V. Reger, for illegal operations and money laundering, tax evasion, misappropriation of another’s property and illegal enrichment. This is part of the jewelry collection, on which major prepayments were received (Note. Ed .:  The editorial office has extracts from the bank confirming the prepayments and relevant documents from the accounting department), which for some reason evaporated in the direction of Invest Diamond sro, leaving a trace of fictitious cession agreement drawn up by Reger and a large amount of Hi-Tech Inovace’s payables to Lebanese Kard Trade S.A.L (M. Goncharenko) This is pure criminality and the Czech police must understand that, like our editorial office the governmental body must have an act of an independent external audit.

And we will return to the instructive story of the affected owner of Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o. on the seizure of its production equipment at Oderska 335/5, 19600, Impera Park, Prague.

Hostile actions and capture

In one of my regular visits to Prague, I saw a sign with the label Invest Diamond sr.r.o on the front door to my production workshop. (photo 1) next to the signboard of my company Hi-Tech Inovace and strictly warned Reger of a conflict of interest. I will send you a photo of the front door.

photo 1

photo 2

Reger asked not to ruin his business and the ICO, and he acknowledged at that moment (I have a record) that he does not claim my equipment and technology, for which I spent half my life and money, and asked to conclude with his company Invest Diamond s.r.o. an official contract for the processing of rough diamonds. I went to a meeting, and we concluded such a contract in February 2018, also with the preferential price of diamond processing for his company. What was my surprise when I saw on his ICO website videos in English and Russian (see link),  where V. Reger misleads potential investors with false information that he owns the production and processing technology of diamonds, and in frames behind him some artists depict vanity and imitate production activities. I never had any workers in the workshop; all the technology and production process was conducted by just one performer,  the chief technologist who was fired long before that, since I was preparing a new project with the Americans and wanted to transport the equipment for diamond processing to another place.

I arrived in Prague, dismissed V. Reger, realizing that  I will never recieve a his directing report and asked the head of the technology park Mr. M. McNer to change the lock on the front door, which he did in my presence and in the presence of a third party on May 10, 2018. I left one key to the new lock to Mr. McNer, as required by the rules of the technopark.

Anticipating that bad events were brewing, I had shortly before the change of the locks, officially and in writing notified the company-lessor of the production premises to all the office emails of managers and email M. McNer about the change of ownership, about the changes in the state register for Hi-Tech Inovace and attached extracts from the register of companies. In the letters I wrote that the shop was in charge of keeping expensive equipment, that access to outsiders was prohibited. Macner was also told separately that Reger was dismissed and soon only my technologist with a power of attorney for access to the workshop would arrive.

In early June, 2018, I arrived at the technopark in Prague in my workshop for a piece of equipment and found that the door lock was changed again, my key does not fit, and the sign of my company on the front door was removed, only Invest Diamond sr.r.o remained. (photo 2). After consulting with a lawyer, I decided not to break the door, not to use force to pick up my equipment, but to act legally, by going to court.

To shorten the story, I’ll say that I found out that Reger, allegedly as the acting director, tore up the long-term lease agreement for the production department of my company with the property trust company (head Yaroslav Pokorny) and immediately concluded the lease agreement for the same production department for his company Invest Diamond sro. without notifying me. I think that Reger entered into an agreement with representatives of the landlord, otherwise how to explain that the landlord, after all my warnings, so freely terminated the multi-year lease agreement and entered into a new one with the company that Reger had just registered and represented in a conflict of interest?

 With this manipulation, as you understood, expensive equipment de facto remained in the workshop. In any case, this does not work well for the face of the company of Mr. Pokorny Property Trust, and the Czech business community should know this. They were in a hurry to cook this backdated transaction (April 30, 2018) that they missed a number of significant facts. First, Reger was notarized before Pokorny signed with him to terminate the lease, and landlord officials were warned about this. And secondly, in 2010, Hi-Tech Inovace entered into a lease for a production workshop not with Mr. Pokorny’s Property Trust and never entered into a contractual legal relationship with the latter. But let’s leave it for the upcoming court and law enforcement agencies … I think that the thirst for profit and easy money from the mysterious ICO pushed some people to illegal actions.

I do not want to give additional information to the press, since I provided all the materials to the court and the investigator. Only after the completion of the proceedings, you can contact me. I do not mind that this instructive case was published in the press following the results of consideration in the judicial system of the state.

As the saying goes: “you can’t throw the words out of a song …”

We give in this investigation explanations of the owner of Hi-Tech Inovace sr.r.o almost unchanged, because we consider the ongoing lawlessness to be socially dangerous, violating the Constitution of the Republic of the Czech Republic, protecting private property, as well as the laws of the Czech Republic, its business reputation, business and investment climate. All Western society, the entire economic model of its existence, the Czech Constitution, its authority as a significant country of the European Union, successfully ending the communist past, is based on the inviolability of protection of all forms of ownership, the priority of human rights and laws. All this is called into question by the impunity of the “Scammers” — legal nihilists, and the illegal actions of the characters of this investigation are continuing in time due to the slowness of the judicial-legal system. Thus, the rights of the victims remain unprotected.

If we consider what is happening not as a special case, but together with other high-profile cases in the EU related to people from Russia accused of fraud, bribery, corruption, racketeering and murder, then we can already speak out loud about not only the hybrid war between Russia and the EU and others civilized countries, but also about the creeping export of toxic business from Russia to the EU, based on the mentality and habits of Russian entrepreneurs, nurtured in an essentially illegal state, where the dictatorial regime has practically dismantled all states institutions where evil rules the ball, where it is not the right one that survives, but the more powerful, cunning and vile one.  The process of negative selection in Russia can be historically considered to be completed according to all indicators.

Entrepreneurs in the EU, accustomed to the rule of law, may be defenseless and helpless in front of gangster and criminal actions, and the population is not ready for gray and criminal schemes of scammers who earn by deceiving on people’s trust.

Entrepreneurs in the EU, accustomed to the rule of law, may be defenseless and helpless in front of gangster and criminal actions, and the population is not ready for gray and criminal schemes of scammers who earn by deceiving on people’s trust. This is also an exam on our sustainability. We will be checked and loosened, they will look for weaknesses, because within the borders of Russia the criminal business which has grown together with state structures, has reached a critical mass and is close to it there. With the flight of criminal capital from Russia to the prosperous West, business traditions come to us that are completely alien to the Western system. And here the rule of law should show its strength and its stability. Only he has the right to violence!NO

Money and the entrepreneurial mentality from Russia can bring problems that will come out to our society later on much more than the cost of this money. Is it time to think?

And what about the ICO of Mr. Reger and his company Invest Diamond s.r.o.?

It has disappeared! The Russian founders Maxim Goncharenko and Alexey Lebedev prudently withdrew from the founders of the company Invest Diamond sr.r.o., about which there is a fresh entry in the state register. Traces of this ICO are carefully wiped out. Probably not causeless.

On the site of the disappeared ICO  , the photos of jewelry from old collections, which Cyprian company Goodhill Investments ltd paid for a few years ago, are currently hanging on photos. (There are supporting documents in the editorial office).  Well, at least they did not write the word “penis” on their website!

Is the tendency to use someone else’s because of impunity becoming a tradition?

Photos from 14.07. 2018. ICO members.

But we still have a number of questions. The legitimacy of this ICO, the qualification of Mr. Reger’s actions, what the damage was, etc. After all, judging by the information that disappeared from the site, one million of their tokens were sold to trusting investors for fiat money only in presale …

And we address these issues to the supervisory financial authorities, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Czech Prosecutor’s Office. And the continuation of this investigation, we will publish for our readers, along with the answers and the reaction of official bodies. We promise readers will learn many new and interesting facts.

To be continued


Part 2

In the first part of the investigation, we established who was hiding behind the organization of the issue of questionable Reger Diamond-tokens. The initial placement (ICO) was organized by the founders of the Czech company Invest Diamond s.r.o., Vladislav Reger (a German citizen), Maxim Goncharenko (a Russian citizen) and Alexey Lebedev (a Russian citizen). After the pre-sale of tokens for 1 million euros, the ICO disappeared, leaving only traces on the global Internet. The site of ICO, which has sunk into oblivion, now contains photographs of jewelry from the old collections of Goodhill Investments, which are illegally used by Invest Diamond s.r.o. By the way, the Reger Diamond brand itself (colored diamonds) was registered with the patent office of the Republic of Cyprus back in 2010 for Goodhill Investments ltd., which Mr. Vladislav Reger has nothing to do with. The editors have the relevant supporting documents.

It seems that the raider seizure of the equipment for diamond processing in Prague on Oderska 333/5 was not a separate fact of preparation of the ICO fraudulent scheme, and targeted concerted socially dangerous actions of a group of persons in collusion with signs of criminal acts related to tax avoidance, money laundering of illegally obtained funds, fraud, theft, intentionally bringing a company to bankruptcy, etc.

And this is why we came to this opinion.

What is a sole director capable of?

Please recall, that in the first part of the investigation, the mechanism of the raider seizure of expensive diamond processing equipment (HPHT- press, etc.) was revealed, consisting in the following: Mr. Reger, allegedly as the acting director of Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o., tore up the long-term lease agreement for workshops of the company with the company-landlord Property Trust (head Yaroslav Pokorny) and immediately signed a lease agreement for the same production for his company Invest Diamond s.r.o. Both wrongly acting parties, the tenant and the lessor, for some reason forgot that the workshop houses possess high-pressure and high-temperature diamond processing equipment (6 HPHT lines) and, accordingly, forgot to notify the true owner of the equipment in order to allow him to take out his property. The new owner (Invest Diamond s.r.o.) replaced the lock on the front door of the workshop and tore off the sign Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o. sign. Czech law provides for the illegitimacy of transactions in the event of a conflict of interest, but the case is subject to civil litigation.

But how and why did the landlord collude with Mr. Reger and so shamelessly tore up the long-term (since 2010) lease agreement with the former tenant of the production department in Impera Park in violation of all the norms of a fair and decent business dealings?

This is partly due to the fact that the former sole director of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. is Mr. V. Reger deliberately created a firm insolvency procedure.

At the end of 2017, shortly before the events described, Hi-Tech Inovace received large amounts of prepayments for the manufacture of jewelry from the Lebanese company Kard Trade SAL (IBL Bank, Beirut), associated with Maxim Goncharenko, who a little later acted as a co-founder of the company founded by V.Reger, Invest Diamonds.r.o.., which in turn acted as the beneficiary of this jewelry collection under a fictitious contract of assignment, illegally avoiding tax payment that were due to the state.

For these amounts, the editors have confirmation statements from the bank.

We traced the path of these transactions.

The director of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o., Mr. Reger, really ordered the manufacture of gold watches with diamonds and designer jewelry from the Italian companies Biamor s.r.l. and ALBERTI.

We attach active links to the accounts and specifications of these companies to Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o.:

Biamor: Jewellery, Watches

Alberti 1, 2

Here are some photos from this collection:

Very expensive colored diamond jewelry can be seen. Moreover, the central diamonds have a weight of 1 to 7 carats! Nevertheless, in the invoices of Italian manufacturers, only the sum of the costs of gold, implementation of small diamonds and the work of jewelers themselves were set out for payment, but there were no cost of central stones indicated. This is easily explained — the company Hi-Tech Inovace, represented by V. Reger, sent the central diamonds to Italy to jewelry manufacturers, and under these stones they executed the design and the products themselves.

We have a question: where did Hi-Tech Inovace or Mr. Reger get these expensive diamonds? We received the answer from the owner of the company: “These diamonds have never been on the balance sheet of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o.. They belonged to Goodhill and were kept in the account of Mr. Reger. Moreover, he periodically reported on the safety of the stones, and in this case, he simply used them illegally under a deal with Maxim Goncharenko. If we evaluate all the actions of these gentlemen together, then this was a targeted comprehensive attack on me, my assets and my business. As you understand, this was expressed not only in transactions related to these jewelries. The purpose of the attackers is to deprive me of everything, to leave me without means of subsistence, so that I cannot fight back. V. Reger himself provided the assignment agreement of the rights to these products in the accounting department of my company Hi-Tech Inovace.  The assignment agreement, however, is fictitious and void, since by law such transactions require the consent of all parties involved and imply a mandatory payment under an agreement that was not in nature to Hi-Tech Inovace. It is strange that the co-organizer of these illegal schemes, lawyer Alexey Lebedev, involved in dubious activities and accompanying Mr. Reger and their jointly organized company Invest Diamonds.r.o. in obtaining criminal proceeds, did not teach Reger the “correct” way of conducting paperwork …

We have questions for both the financial and law enforcement agencies of the Czech Republic: how the assets of the Czech company Hi-Tech Inovace can be taken by the sole director to the Czech company Invest Diamonds.r.o. under a cession agreement (agreement of assignment) without paying VAT, moreover in case of a conflict of interest (having the same director in both firms)? And if the assets are transferred to the Lebanese company of Mr. M. Goncharenko Kard Trade S.A.L. in accordance with the perfect prepayment, then where is the customs declaration for sending products to Lebanon? And if the products did not go to Lebanon, then where are they now? And is this transaction an illegal act of money laundering?

If you carefully consider this deal of the sole director, it shows that Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. has accounts payable to the Lebanese company. According to the logic of business, the company must either return the money or transfer jewelry to the customer. And the products strangely dematerialized!  An interesting one-man magician director …

But in the manufacture of jewelry, Mr. Reger secured an impressive profit, which was withdrawn from the account of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. at the end of 2017, in order to create a situation of insolvency of the company. As well as the money transferred by the owner to rent the workshop. As the money raised from the sale of the features of the two cars for cash. For some reason, cash did not arrive at the company’s account from the sale. An independent audit established uncontrolled spending on the corporate credit card of the company by Mr. Reger of a huge amount for personal needs. But it was precisely the “insolvency of the company” that Mr. Reger and Mr. Lebedev indicated in their response to the owner of Hi-Tech Inovace in support of the reasons for terminating the lease of the production workshop with the lessor in Impera Park. Everything was thought out and planned in advance by these businessmen.

Sender: Alexey Lebedev <a. lebedev…>
Subject: RE: NOTICE
Date: June 12, 2018, 4:58:11 GMT + 2
Owner and Director of the Company
Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o.,
Copy in (adapted translation):
Property Trust Companies
Owned by Invest Diamonds.r.o.
In response to your Notice dated June 11, 2018, we inform you of the following:
Indeed, Mr. Reger, formerly director of Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o, terminated the Lease of Industrial Space with Property Trust. This was done, contrary to the version you presented, not to the detriment of the previously managed company, but due to the inability to make rental payments from the Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o. Since the conclusion / termination of a lease for a premises of 600 square meters from the point of view of civil law of the Czech Republic does not fall into the category of major transactions, the Director of the company was entitled to act within his competence and in accordance with the interests of the company. The consistency of the company’s interests was dictated by the need to preserve the premises and regulate relations with the landlord — Property Trust under the conditions of termination of the contract for ordering processing of natural diamonds using the HPHT N PRG-02.18 method with Invest Diamonds.r.o., which, as practice shows, was the only source of repayment of rental payments and Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. solvency

The dealers have, in fact, recognized that the equipment does not belong to them, that it is illegally held in the workshop by raider invaders and guarantee its safety. From the text it is clear that the sole director Reger formed some mythical debts of Hi-Tech Inovace to their company, and blackmailers force the owner to deal. Obviously, the lawyer Lebedev and the former director Reger are not aware of the provisions of Czech laws on the claim procedure if such debts existed. On the contrary, it was their firm Invest Diamonds.r.o. that owed Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. at least 30,000 euros under the terms of the Diamond Processing Agreement. (The contract and invoice are in the wording). They self-claimed the right to expropriate another’s property.

To the owner and the Director of the Company
Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o.
Copy in (adapted translation):
Property Trust Companies
Owners of Invest Diamond s.r.o.
In response to your notice dated June 11, 2018, we inform you of the following:
At the same time, we unconditionally confirm the absence of any adverse actions for you from Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o .: the equipment located on the rented premises will not and will not move, we guarantee its completeness and safety in its current state. We are certainly ready to negotiate with you at any time convenient for you with a discussion of regression requirements for Hi-Tech Inovace s.r.o. and its primary owner, assigned to Invest Diamond s.r.o.
Owners of Invest Diamond s.r.o.

In this case, they can only be advised to flee to the police to carry out a confession. This can mitigate their guilt. At least for the simple reason that Hi-Tech Inovace never owned expensive equipment, but was leased from the Cyprus company owner of Goodhill Investments ltd since 2010. Moreover, as we found in the accounting documents, this lease was signed by the first director of Hi-Tech Inovace (not Reger) and then extended by Director Reger. And any manipulations by the sole director with respect to leased equipment not owned by Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. are clearly illegal and criminally prosecuted. In order to understand the whole fraud scheme in the interests of Invest Diamonds.r.o., we will send a journalistic request to the Czech law enforcement and tax authorities and publish the results in the next part of the investigation.

And here we will see how Mr. Reger lied to the owner that the rent was paid for the production workshop:

Apr 27 2018, at 22:08, Vladislav Reger <step…> wrote:
Good evening,
Made another transfer to HTI.
Will be credited to the account, close my debts and pay the next month.
Sender: Vladislav Reger <step…>
Subject: AW: Payment
Date: March 20, 2018, 16:03:18 GMT + 1
Good day,
As I said, I have transferred 10 thousand to HTI.

HTI is the Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. company abbreviated.

Thus, we got the impression that the current sole director V. Reger deceived the owner of the company about the financial condition and payment of the lease of the production workshop, while deliberately bringing the company to a state of false insolvency and secretly terminates the lease agreement with the lessor from the owner, while concluding an agreement renting the same workshop to your company Invest Diamonds.r.o.. The chain of illegal manipulations of the director results in a raider seizure of expensive equipment owned by the true owner and located in the workshop for safekeeping.

In the public interest

The editorial office has at its disposal numerous supporting documents that we are ready to immediately provide to the relevant state bodies of the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Cyprus, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Norway at their request to the editorial office, where the organizers of the ill-fated ICO could be misleading investors and potential partners.

We will also send the results of our investigation to the compliance of the Lebanese bank IGL Bank (Beirut), which opened an account with Kard Trade S.A.L, from which dubious transactions were financed and to the Lebanese security services regarding the origin of these funds. Perhaps the compliance of this bank is aware of the suspicious transactions of the Russian M.  Goncharenko, who sent money to the German company MTM Center GmbH and the Czech Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o., to Bulgaria and God knows where, financing raider seizures of other people’s property and a suspicious ICO, and prophylactically shut down the financial channel, as Kommerzbank AG did in Munich by closing the account of MTM Center GmbH. We will send the same journalistic request to KOMERCNI Banka, A.S. (Czech Republic), where an Invest Diamonds.r.o. account is opened, where money from the ICO and other income from other dubious transactions probably came.

In addition, we sent journalistic inquiries to the owners / managers of companies in Italy that produced jewelry, as photos of these individuals were also posted on the website of the missing ICO Mr. Reger.

Company executives who are experts in the dubious ICO of Mr. V. Reger:

In the third part of our investigation, we will publish all the answers and the situation with the civil and criminal proceedings against the actors.

In fairness, we want to give the answer of the owner of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. to our question about the experts of this ICO: “I have known these people for more than 10 years as absolutely decent entrepreneurs with an impeccable reputation, I respect them very much. My company, Goodhill, has worked with them and their companies for many years, and I never had any problems! They helped me a lot in due time and always met in sometimes arising problems of my business. Obviously, V. Reger  acted either on my behalf or simply misled them. I am very ashamed of him, and I deeply apologize to these people. When all this dirty story ends, I will definitely visit these people and apologize to them personally. This is a matter of honor and my business reputation.”

Readers and law enforcement officers will probably be interested in the members of the so-called ICO team “RegerDiamond”, who were voluntarily or involuntarily involved in the dubious activities of Reger and Lebedev. Here they are:

Quite a wide geography and a large financial scale. We don’t have information about all the people from this list, besides, some might not even be aware of the illegal activities of Reger and Lebedev. This idea derives from the fact that Ilgiz Bayramgulov never gave permission to use his name indicated as technical director and he even asked Reger to remove the photo from the website. If one of these people believes that their name and photo were used in this ICO by fraud and unlawfully, they can contact the Prague criminal police or the editorial office.

Some people from this list introduced themselves to the forum here:

We would also like to consider separately Alexei Matvienko, a former unemployed student who came from Ukraine to the Czech Republic, but abandoned his studies in Prague. This person is likely to become an important witness or accomplice, as he is an associate of the vigorous activity of Mr. Reger, who rushed to the Olympic diamond business on other people’s property and at the expense of others.

Still, how deep is the popular wisdom expressed in proverbs! “You cannot enter paradise on someone else’s hump” — this is about Reger and his ilk.


Accidents or conspiracy?

Having gained access to a large mass of documents for the analysis of this ill-fated ICO, we could not pass by yet another fact testifying to the intentional actions of a group of conspiracy persons, organized by V. Reger.

We are talking about the seizure not only of equipment in the production workshop, but also of all the documentary archives of the owner’s companies in the EU, which were located in the workshop’s office, which gives fraudsters the potential to manipulate company documentation and illegally use it for personal mercenary purposes against the owner.

We also see violations of Czech laws, especially the law on the protection of information and personal data, carried out by contracted freelance IT specialist Yehor Hulyi, a graduate of a Moscow university, a citizen of Ukraine, and a former director of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. Mr. Reger. Straight to the point.

Since 2015, Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. (Czech Republic) was the payer and contractor in the IT and web services of existing, developing and newly emerging companies of the TORtec group, organized and launched by TORtec limited (Cyprus). Subsequently, these relations were secured by agreement No. CZ 18/003 of 12.01. 2018 (as amended). The terms of reference and instructions for the purchase of domain names, payment for hosting, provider services, the opening of email addresses, company websites were formed by the group leader and a number of group companies. To carry out work on creating sites and their administration involved IT freelancers. Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o., represented by Director Vladislav Reger, who had access to the domain name management console and web hosting, who paid for the services of the Hetzner Online GmbH provider through Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. corporate credit card, acted as the contractor and coordinator of the work. The last freelancer from the end of 2017 to June 2018 under the contract was an IT specialist Yehor Hulyi, a citizen of Ukraine, to whom the fired director of Hi-Tech Inovaces.r.o. Mr. Reger transferred all access rights to manage company websites.

We disclose the scheme of illegal actions of these two persons from the information provided officially by the legal department of the provider company Hetzner Online GmbH from Germany, where a record of the password change to the management console is recorded:

Sender: Sandra Morgan — Hetzner Online GmbH
Subject: Answer: Regarding your letter Restoration of the rights of access
Date: August 14, 2018 4:43 p.m. GMT + 2
Here is a log of the changes made:
<c 2018-06-22 22:03:37> Billing Details updated/changed  — old data:
Credit: 052024, MasterCard</c>
<c 2018-06-22 21:44>Management password changed  using konsoleH</c>
<c 2018-06-22 21:43:25> Client Details updated/changed  — old data:
Company: Invest Diamond s.r.o., Notifyemail_Invoice: step…, Notifyemail: step…, Notifyemail_Tech: step…, Marketing: 4, </c>
<c 2018-06-22 21:42:35> Client Details updated/changed  — old data:
Culture: en_GB, Street: Sobeslavska ….., Suburb: Praha, Postal_Code: 13000, Notifyemail_Invoice: step…, Vat_Number: , Notifyemail: step…, Notifyemail_Tech: step…, Marketing: 4, </c>
<c 2018-06-20 06:18:19> Client Details updated/changed  — old data:
Telephone: +3809…….., Notifyemail_Invoice: guliy…, Cellphone: +3809…….., Notifyemail: guliy…, Notifyemail_Tech: guliy…, Marketing: 4, </c>
<c 2018-06-19 21:02:54> Client Details updated/changed  — old data:
First_Name: Egor, Surname: Guliy, Street: XXXXXX, Suburb: , Postal_Code: 83100, Country: UA, Notifyemail_Invoice: guliy…, City: Donetsk, Notifyemail: guliy…, Notifyemail_Tech: guliy…, Marketing: 4, </c>
<c 2018-06-19 20:35>Management password changed  using konsoleH</c>
<c 2018-06-19 20:34>Management password changed  using konsoleH</c>
<c 2018-06-18 02:25:59> Client Details updated/changed  — old data:
Company: Hi Tec Inovace s.r.o., Street: Oderska ….., Postal_Code: 19600, Country: CZ, Notifyemail_Invoice: guliy…, City: Prag, Vat_Number: CZ247……., Notifyemail: guliy…, Notifyemail_Tech: guliy…, Marketing: 4, </c>
<c 2018-06-09 16:37>Management password changed  using konsoleH</c>
<c 2018-06-04 13:40:28> Billing Details updated/changed  — old data:
Credit: 052024, MasterCard</c>
<c 2018-06-04 13:38:26> Billing Details updated/changed — old data:
Credit: 102018, VISA</c>
<c 2018-01-29 17:27>Management password changed  using konsoleH</c>
<c 2018-01-22 21:07:43> Billing Details updated/changed  — old data:
Credit: 062019, MasterCard</c>
<c 2018-01-22 21:04:50> Client Details updated/changed — old data:
Culture: de_DE, First_Name: Vladislav, Surname: Reger, Company: Hi Tec Inovace s.r.o., Telephone: +4915……, Notifyemail_Invoice: step…, Cellphone: +4915……, Notifyemail: step…, Notifyemail_Tech: step…, Marketing: 4, </c>
<c 2018-01-18 13:36>Management password changed  using konsoleH</c>
<c 2018-01-18 10:22>Management password changed using konsoleH</c>
Kind regards,
Sandra Morgan
Corporate Lawyer

The information provided by the server provider clearly shows the change of passwords committed by Yehor Hulyi, then the transfer of the passwords to V. Reger and the change of password by the last and, accordingly, transfer to the ownership of Invest Diamond. If previously all the provider’s services were paid by the owner using a Hi-Tech Inovace corporate card, then V.  Reger eventually changed the owner and payment details for himself.

This crime should attract the attention of a specially created law enforcement agency in the Czech Republic to protect information and personal data, where we will forward this article.

Freelancer Yehor Hulyi, who is involved in data theft and contributes to the theft of other people’s digital information, should know the public and the business world as an unscrupulous contractor that can harm potential employers. If he has already done similar damage to other individuals and legal entities, then we ask you to contact the Prague police or the editor with such information.

All these companies, international organizations and their employees, due to the theft of confidential and personal information, disabling access to sites, databases and business emails, suffered great damage by the unlawful actions of Vladislav Reger and Yehor Hulyi, which was announced to the criminal investigator a business.

We will keep this issue under special observation and cover it in the media.

To be continued

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